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AIRELOOMAireloom is the luxurious hand-made mattress handcrafted with generations of artful experience. Aireloom mattress is designed to provide the most naturally durable cushioning and support available with all natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk and natural latex. It has a body pressure-relieving construction and consists of Natural Talalaly Latex, Luxury bio-foams, Natural cotton and visco elastic memory foam as its range of comfort/upholstery layers


AIRELOOM LATEXAireloom latex bed use premium grade Talalay latex foam, which is highly resilient and durable. Combined with hand-stitched sides, you can guarantee that the premium quality cotton and memory foam when used is held together firmly and will not sag or lose shape for years to come. Mattresses from the brand are known to last for years.


KLUFTA unique collection of luxurious mattresses made with artful handicraft and professionalism in all manufacturing processes. Kluft naturally balanced mattress is made of natural materials such as New Zealand Joma wool, woolen ropes, silk, Egyptian cotton, chrome or silver plated iron to complete this true masterpiece and maintain its heritage.

Halstead :

HalsteadHalstead by Aireloom beds are naturally influenced, handcrafted mattress with certified fabrics, space-age Visco foams, bio-based luxury latex foam, natural bamboo fabrics, natural forestex fabrics, bio based foam encasement and sustainable forest lumber. It is a handmade luxury made affordable bed. Halstead mattress is pressure-relieving, luxurious comfort, balanced support and finely tailored.

Aireloom Hybrid :

Aireloom HybridAireloom Natural Hybrid mattress is constructed both from natural and man-made material. These mattresses have individually wrapped spring coils, and the upholstery layers are composed of luxury bio-foams and Visco elastic foam. The fabric is medium weight stretch knit and some models come with a bamboo cover. Hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds. Support where you need it and comfort that exceeds your expectations. A Hybrid mattress uses a significant amount of either Latex or Visco memory foam with the traditional coil system. Some mattresses may also use a combination of all three materials.


NATURANatura organic products are powerfully pure and made with earth-friendly materials that are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Free from harmful chemicals and toxins, our entire organic collection is made using the finest quality renewable resources, with careful consideration to animal welfare and environmental sustainability. The built in moisture and temperature control and Natura smart wool filled products means that they steady heart rate leads to a drastic reduction tossing and turning, resulting in a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.