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Warranty Terms


Warranty Covers:

  • Coils, wires or modules that are loose or broken, or that protrudes or rips through any fabric.
  • Squeaks or noises.
  • Sagging (more than 2 inches) but only when the mattress has been continuously supported by a matching foundation and an appropriate frame with center support (at least 5 legs for queen and 6 legs for king sets).
  • In case of any manufacturing defect
  • We provide exchange offer policy also in the above situation.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Stains, soiling, burns, or other abuse (PLEASE use a mattress pad).
  • Comfort issues or preferences.
  • Damage caused by improper frames.
  • Damage caused by existing or inappropriate foundations.
  • Normal wear and tear on the fabric
  • Normal contouring of the cushion layers.
  • Border rods bent from moving or bending the sleep set.
  • Handles (for use only in positioning the mattress).
  • The warranty may be invalidated should the mattress be used either without a box spring or with a box spring other than the one that has been designed by the manufacture for that particular mattress.
  • Allergies or sensitivity to materials.
  • If the Proof of purchase is not provided.
  • f used for commercial purpose