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Let’s make it GREEN – Go Green

Green products are popping up across all industries; as more consumers demand products that are made organically, or from sustainable, reclaimed materials, or are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. Consumers now consider green products often once they become parents, in an effort to provide healthier alternatives for their children.

In line with American Mattress commitment to make excellent healthy products available to all our customers, we introduce our new line of eco friendly mattress, by which we uniquely contribute to a better world and protect your health.

Organic mattresses are extremely comfortable, reduce back pain, with 100% natural eco friendly raw material such as latex, cotton, silk and wool lining, so you can feel wonderful and luxuriously comfortable when you are sleeping. In addition to its dust mite resistance and conformity with the new Federal Mattress Flammability Standards and International laws. We are confident of the premium quality of our new eco friendly mattress. With the growing trend toward organic products and eco-friendly living, these products are sure to be in demand.

This line of green products are made from natural environment-friendly materials such as cotton, natural wool, silk, in addition to 100% natural latex-extracted from natural rubber trees-with hypo allergic components that does not cause allergies, and are fire retardant-certified by American and Canadian Federal Environment Protection Unions – which gives you a sense of natural comfort and safety.

We trust the quality of environment-friendly products and we believe that the industry of environment-friendly high quality products will be the cornerstone of the future.